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Love and Education : Something for us all and Michael Gove to think about ?

The Brazilian educationalist Paulo Freire suggested,

‘It is impossible to teach without the courage to love, without the courage to try a thousand times before giving up …We must dare, in the full sense of the word, to speak of love without the fear of being called ridiculous, mawkish, or unscientific, if not antiscientific.’

Ref : Freire, P.(2005) Teachers as Cultural Workers, Cambridge Massachusetts: Westview Press, 2005, page 5.

Issue 13 of the goodenoughcaring Journal is now online

As luck would have it Issue 13 of the goodenoughcaring Journal is now online. We are fortunate in the array of outstanding articles for you to read. We hope they will be of interest to you. In this issue : Julieann Arthur, Alex Horne, Alastair Jamieson, Murray Mckinnon and Jeremy Millar have given us an early glimpse of their textual and photographic research piece Candles and Care which takes a snapshot of resources available to care leavers in Denmark ;John Burton in a memoir of his relationship with a young woman from her adolescence to her adulthood shows why social care is Not Just a Job ; Darren Coyne portrays in Care Leavers and the Criminal Justice System : a sorry state of affairs the hostile territory encountered by an inordinate number of care leavers who enter our justice system ; Jane Dalgleish writes about work in progress towards Providing a nurturing environment for young people in a residential settingMoira Devlin recollects her time teaching girls and young women in a Community Home with Education in Beyond the mainstream, what difference have we made? Roger Lewis navigates us through the vicissitudes of the extraordinary and the ordinary life of a London boy in The influence of Chance and Luck in ChildhoodGeorge Orwell, in his essay Such, Such Were The Joys contemplates his fortune or lack of it in a childhood spent in a different kind of residential care and education ; Joan Pritchard re-examines the strategies she and her colleagues developed and used to help the children in their care – assessed as having social, emotional behavioural difficulties – to achieve their full potential in Helping children experiencing SEBD to understand and manage their own feelings : the experiences of a head teacher of a day school for such childrenCharles Sharpe reviews Residential child care in practice Making a difference by Mark Smith, Leon Fulcher and Peter Doran ; John Stein gives a personal analysis of how the experience of childhood nowadays is so different from when he was a boy in Then and Now and Werner van der Westhuizen considers the significance of Context in the provision of therapeutic care.

Past issues of the Journal can be accessed by clicking on “Journal” at the top of this page.

Issue 12 of the goodenoughcaring Journal is here!

In this new issue Tracey Jarvis gives an account of her experience of being a key worker in a residential child care setting; in her article Access All Areas – a developmental perspective Janet Rich stresses the importance of assuring that care leavers have ready access to support resources; Cynthia Cross provides us with an the opportunity to consider the balance between the personal and professional in the care of children and young people; Noel Howard offers us a review of The Boy at the Gate, the memoirs of Danny Ellis ; a poem from Michael Mallows ,The Casual Cruelty of Positive Intent considers the consequences of moral imperatives and verbal chastisement ; John Whitwell provides his reflections on the Cotswold Community following its closure ; John Stein presents a tale about the influence peers have through childhood and adulthood; Mark Smith shares his thoughts about what lies behind the contagion of moral panic that follows in the aftermath of the exposure of child abuse; Tuhinul Islam writes about the key findings of his doctoral research which looks at the experience of young people leaving residential child care in Bangladesh; Mary Winters furnishes us with an essay which discusses her concerns about the issues relating to child care placements, ethnicity and cultural background.