‘The Mulberry Bush Issue’ of the goodenoughcaring Journal pilots speedily towards its July 1st, 2015, haven.



The Mulberry Bush issue of the goodenoughcaring Journal is piloting speedily towards its July 1st, 2015, haven.

John Diamond has provided us with an up to date inventory of the homeward bound Mulberry Bush cargo.  John Diamond  considers the Mulberry Bush’s cargo manifest  with An Introduction and supplies his  Reflections on the development of the Mulberry Bush,1948-2015John Turberville signals The Mulberry Bush approachCaryn Onions unfurls A multi disciplinary case study, Annabelle Rose charts The role of psychodynamic theory, Zoe McCarthy  fathoms The role of play in the development of traumatised children, Andy Lole gives a bearing on  Developing a peer review network,   Dave Roberts enters a log about The Mulberry Bush Training and outreach team and Ray Burrows  opens up  An MBOX outreach case study.

Siobain Degregorio offers an additional article about her experience of student placement at the Mulberry Bush.

We are grateful to all those involved with the Mulberry Bush Organisation for allowing us reflect upon and celebrate the history and the work of ‘The Bush.’

Other items of cargo in the manifest of the 17th issue of the goodenoughcaring Journal include Jennie Bristow’s Helicopters or hands off: today’s parents can’t seem to winMaurice Fenton’s Doing the Right Thing for Children in Care and Support Seekers, and John Molloy’s  The Habit of Abuse. 

Michael J. Marlowe offers us Building Relationships with Troubled Children: Insights from Torey Hayden, John Stein believes Experience is the Best Teacher, Bethlehem Taylor remembers A Cockney Childhood in the East End Of London :1945-1960  and Charles Sharpe reviews Inequality, Poverty, Education A Political Economy of School Exclusion by Francesca Ashurst and Couze Venn and, Leading Good Care: the task, heart and art of managing social care by John Burton.

We believe Issue 17 of the goodenoughcaring Journal is a very special one and  hope you are are anticipating  with the excitement we are.