Limbus lecture : The Present Moment: cultivating embodied attunement and empathy


Farhad Dalal has written to us about our the next Limbus Lecture at Studio 3,The Space, Dartington Hall on November 12th, which will be presented by Margaret Lansdale. The theme of lecture is ‘The Present Moment – Cultivating embodied attunement and empathy’

It starts at 10.30 and will finish at 1pm. The cost is £20. It is possible to book online at or come and pay at the door.

If you intend to pay at the door, please arrive well before 10.30 to avoid hold ups.


This talk will explore how we may work more effectively in the here and now, integrating somatic, emotional and mental processes within the therapeutic process. This includes a deeper awareness of our own embodied experience and how we engage with the non-verbal forms of communication between client and therapist.

We will explore how to engage with these non-verbal processes in a mindful and compassionate way. We will also enquire into how therapists and clients can cultivate empathic presence, acceptance and equilibrium when working with complex dynamics, deeply rooted conflict or early trauma. Some key practical techniques and strategies for building a safe and supportive therapeutic alliance to help process some deeper trauma or implicit memory held in the body will also be introduced. The talk will draw on current research into the workings of the brain,attachment and emotional regulation, as well as using clinical vignettes to illustrate how these insights may translate into our therapeutic practice.


Margaret Landale is an experienced psychotherapist and supervisor. Shehas been a training director at the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy in London and delivers workshops and talks nationwide on subjects such as  somatization, complex trauma and embodied empathy. Having been a meditator for many years, she has become increasingly interested in the integration of mindfulness in psychotherapy and has taught on the ‘mindfulness in individual psychotherapy’ module at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University.

Publications include: ‘Working with psychosomatic distress and developmental trauma’ in: Contemporary Body Psychotherapy – The Chiron

Approach, Linda Hartley ed., Routledge 2009. ‘The use of imagery in body oriented psychotherapy’ in Body Psychotherapy, Tree Staunton ed.,Brunner-Routledge, 2002

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