Next Limbus Lecture : Sally Weintrobe – Climate Change and the New Imagination

Farhad Dala has reminded us of the next Limbus Lecture in two weeks time (details below). You can book and pay on line via the website.

May 20, 2017
Sally WeintrobeClimate Change and the New Imagination10.30 to 1pm. £20
Studio 3, The Space, Dartington Hall

Or come and pay at the door.
If you intend to pay at the door, please arrive well before 10.30 to avoid holdups.
Full Details on our website:
Sally Weintrobe
Climate Change and the New Imagination

Abstract: Sally Weintrobe argues that current dominant culture serves neo-liberalism. The culture drives the false belief that we are entitled not to have to face a particular reality. This is that neo-liberalism has led to climate change and social instability and we are caught up in its structures. This talk aims to help open up a conversation that allows us to think together about needed changes in a way that recognises that change may be disturbing, troubling and difficult as well as enlivening.

Sally Weintrobe is a Fellow of the British Psychoanalytic Society. Currently she is writing a book on the culture that promotes disavowal of climate change. She edited and contributed to (2012) Engaging with Climate Change, shortlisted for the International Gradiva Prize for contributions to psychoanalysis.
Some of her talks can be found at:

2017 programme

May 20, Sally Weintrobe  Climate Change and the New Imagination
Sep 16, Paul Zeal          Breath, Gender and Nature’s Dreaming
Nov 11, Sue Mizen         Metaphor Making in the Relational Brain