The Next Limbus Lecture at Dartington


Farad Dalal writes to remind us about  the next Limbus Lecture on September 17 and about future Limbus events at Dartington.

Sept 17, Sally Sales  ‘Intensely in danger, intensely attached: Childhood and new practices of
Mothering in a contemporary culture of risk’
10.30 to 1pm. £20
On Line Booking through the website is now open (recommended)
Or come and pay at the door.

If you intend to pay at the door, please arrive well before 10.30 to avoid holdups.

Full Details can be found on the Limbus website:

Abstract: This paper will be an exploration of mothering and childhood today. The paper will be
proposing that how we mother and how we regard children has undergone a shift in the last 20
years.  Drawing on arange of sociological research and the authors own clinical practice,
Sally Sales will suggest that there has been an intensification in thefield of mother child
relationships framed by a social and personal concern with risk.  Assessing risk now dominates
parenting practices and childhood has become an enormously surveillanced area ofintimate
life.  What kind of children are we now raising and what kind of experience has mothering

become in these new conditions of vigilance and danger.

Dr Sally Sales is a psychoanalyst in private practice and chair of training for the Site for
Contemporary Psychoanalysis in Cornwall.  She is also a visiting research fellow at University of
West of England where she is running a project on adoption and class.  Her most recent
publications are: ‘Contested attachments: re-thinking adoptive kinship in the era of open
adoption’ (2013) Child & Family Social Work) and Adoption, Family and the Paradox of Origins: A
Foucauldian History (2012) Basingstoke: Palsgrave MacMillan.


The Following Event will be on :
Nov 12, with Margaret Landale ‘The Present Moment -Cultivating embodied attainment and empathy’


And even earlier notice of our 2017 programme – put the dates in your diary!

Feb 25, Kelly Camilleri
May 20, Sally Weintrobe
Sep 16, Paul Zeal
Nov 11, Sue Mizen