Not long now – the  20th goodenoughcaring Journal goes online tomorrow

Issue 20 is published online tomorrow

Elaine Arnold writes about the significance education had for immigrants to the United Kingdom from the Caribbean while Margaret Hughes recollects the City of Birmingham’s efforts to meet the social and educational needs of immigrants from the Indian sub-continent in the 1950s,60s,70s and 80s.

Noel Howard considers religion, spirituality and the importance of place in social care. Michael J Marlowe examines the making of relationships with children who are difficult to reach and Maurice Fenton proposes and develops the concept of ‘relationship based self-care.’

Alex Russon considers the implications of relocating a family to another region and Justin Frost reviews three feature films which deal with divorce and the break up of the family.

Cynthia Cross considers how to break the cycle of disruption which exists in residential child care.

In a further article Maurice Fenton contemplates ‘vicarious confidence’ in the care of children and young people and Simon Blades reviews Maurice’s latest book  ‘The Stolen Child’.

Colin Maginn proposes that we can do better than good enough caring and in response Charles Sharpe writes briefly about the history of the goodenoughcaring Journal and the idea of good-enough caring.

John Stein thinks about how times have changed in child and youth care. In another article Elaine Arnold argues that aspects of attachment theory remain significant throughout life. Mark Smith provides a challenging article on the prosecution of those accused of child sexual abuse