Residential child care in practice

The Policy Press has written to us announcing the publication of Residential child care in practice Making a difference by Mark Smith, Leon Fulcher and Peter Doran. The book is about residential child care practice beginning from the standpoint that residential child care involves both children and adults sharing a common life space in which the quality of the relationships between the people involved is key. It is a very practical book which aims at being of interest and value to a worldwide range of practitioners and managers as well as to students at different academic levels. It draws on the ideas and traditions of a variety of theoretical and practical fields of thought including child and youth care and social pedagogy.

The authors of the book, all experienced practitioners and academics, are : Mark Smith, a regular contributor to the goodenoughcaring Journal, who worked for 20 years in residential homes and schools before becoming a university teacher and is now Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Edinburgh ; Dr Leon Fulcher, another contributor to the goodenoughcaring Journal, has for over 40 years practiced in, and taught, residential child care across the world and is now the Chair of the the International Child Care and Youth Care Network; Peter Doran, who recently retired as the Chief Executive Officer of a residential school in Scotland, having spent his career in residential child care and who, since his retirement, has undertaken work for The Scottish Government on the education of children with complex needs.

The book will be reviewed in the next issue of the goodenoughcaring Journal. For more information about Residential child care in practice Making a difference go to The Policy Press