Significant relationships in growing up : the principal theme of the next issue of the goodenoughcaring Journal

The next issue of the goodenoughcaring Journal goes online on December 15th, 2014. It will have as its principal theme  “Significant relationships in growing up”.  There is such a wide variety of relationships which can play a part in growing up. There are relationships which in general are important to all children, young people and adults, while there are also unique relationships that are and have been important to specific children, young people and adults.

Over the years the goodenoughcaring Journal has built up a significant body of informative, reflective, imaginative and entertaining writing about so many aspects of the nurture of young human beings. This writing is freely available for anyone. We are not alone in providing this kind of the resource as our links page demonstrates. Nonetheless we wish to acknowledge that the writing in the goodenoughcaring Journal  is a symbol of the generosity and thought of authors from all over the world and from all kinds of backgrounds. We hope the next issue will continue in this spirit.

We invite authors of every age and ilk – our readers, past contributors or those hearing of the goodenoughcaring journal for the first time  –  to submit articles, papers,  essays, stories, poems, recollections and memoirs which relate  to the theme of the upcoming issue. We will be grateful  for them.

We will also be thankful for the submission of articles and ideas dealing with other aspects of growing up.

If you wish to submit a piece of writing or if you have an idea for an article, contact us at

We welcome thoughtful criticism as well as messages of encouragement !

Over the next few weeks further news of the forthcoming issue of the goodenoughcaring Journal  will appear regularly on this page.