The goodenoughcaring Journal is the online publication for all those interested in the way children grow up and how they are nurtured. it welcomes contributions from parents, foster parents, residential child care workers in children’s homes, day car workers, social workers, youth workers, youth mentors, child therapists, social pedagogues, educators and all people who reflecto n their own upbringingThe Journal is electronically archived at the British Library. It is not an academic publication though academic submissions are welcomed and considered alongside other submissions.

The Journal is archived by the British Library.

Members of the editorial group are Cynthia Cross, Evelyn Daniel, Siobain Degregorio, Jeremy Millar, Jane Kenny, Ariola Vishnja, Mark Smith, John Stein and Charles Sharpe.

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Article Date
Childhood and Youth: A Yorkshireman Remembers John Moore March 2020
Sorry We Missed You : review of Ken Loach's film about the gig economy Charles Sharpe Jan 2020
A letter from Noel Howard about John Cross Noel Howard Sep 2018
Fraiberg Remembered Part One Joel Kanter Oct 2017
Selma Fraiberg's Magic Years Part 2 An unconventional Psychoanalytic Training Joel Kanter Nov 2017
EDITORIAL 20:Giving a meaning to good enough care and a brief history of goodenoughcaring Charles Sharpe Dec 2016
"Good Enough Caring" and how we can do so much better Colin Maginn Dec 2016
Telling Tales Mark Smith Dec 2016
Relationship-Based Self-Care in Social Care – the SOS Model Maurice Fenton Dec 2016
Reaching Children Who Are Hard to Reach Michael J Marlowe Dec 2016
Education and the Immigration of African Caribbean People Elaine Arnold Dec 2016
An interview with Margaret Hughes: infant education and meeting the needs of immigrant children and families in the 1950s 60s 70s and 80s Margaret Hughes Dec 2016
Spirituality and Religion in Social Care: Reflections on the Meaning of Place Noel Howard Dec 2016
The Cycle of Disruption: rejection of children from a children's home Cynthia Cross Dec 2016
The Times They Are a changin':childhood and ADHD John Stein Dec 2006
Relocation relocation relocation Alex Russon Dec 2016
Divorce and Parenting in the Big Apple Justin Frost Dec 2016
A Magical Intent: a review of Maurice Fenton's book "The Stolen Child" Simon Blades Dec 2016
Attachment matters to human beings of all ages from cradle to grave:health challenges older people issues of attachment Elaine Arnold Dec 2016
Vicarious Confidence in Social Care Maurice Fenton Dec 2016
EDITORIAL 19 It's good to be in a community THE EDITORS June 2016
Children attending their Reviews Cynthia Cross June 2016
The Stolen Child Part Two Yeats Jung and adolescence Maurice Fenton June 2016
The Cornerstone of relationships is Trust Michael J Marlowe June 2016
Looking Back on Looking Back Noel Howard June 2016
The Importance of Feedback John Stein June 2016
The War Zone Justin Frost June 2016
Some observations about being a residential child care worker Lesley Morrison June 2016
Thoughts stemming from a consideration of Ian D.Suttie's concept of simple attachment-to-mother Charles Sharpe June 2016
Boy and Girl from Mill on the Floss George Eliot June 2016
EDITORIAL 18 : More for less or more and better The editors Dec 2015
Defensive Adults Cynthia Cross Dec 2015
David Alex Russon Dec 2015
On the borders: residential care workers and mental health professionals working together Denise Carroll & Mark Smith Dec 2015
Family Life : A review Justin Frost Dec 2015
The Stolen Child Maurice Fenton Dec 2015
Empathy Patrick Tomlinson Dec 2015
Why a Therapeutic Community Approach? John Whitwell Dec 2015
Our Society in Relation to Intergenerational Transmission of Separation and Reunion Issues Elaine Arnold Dec 2015
Point Systems in Residential Settings John Stein Dec 2015
A Statement of Purpose Nigel Wilson Dec 2015
Review : Social Care and Child Welfare in Ireland Charles Sharpe Dec 2015
The Mulberry Bush Issue of the goodenoughcaring Journal:Introduction John Diamond July 2015
Reflections on the evolution of the Mulberry Bush School and Organisation 1948-2015 John Diamond July 2015
The Mulberry Bush Approach John Turberville July 2015
It takes a village to raise a child: multi-disciplinary work and children with complex needs Caryn Onions July 2015
The Application of psychodynamic theory to therapeutic work with children and young people Annabelle Rose July 2015
The importance of play both formal and informal in the development of children and young people Zoe McCarthy July 2015
Integrating Ofsted into a truly school led system Andy Lole July 2015
The Mulberry Bush Training and Outreach Team Dave Roberts July 2015
The background to mbox Mulberry Bush Oxfordshire and a case study Ray Burrows July 2015
Issue 17 Part 2 Editorial : sensitive thoughtful and reflective The Editors July 2015
My placement at the Mulberry Bush School Siobain Degregorio July 2015
A Cockney Childhood in the East End of London 1945-1960 Bethlehem Taylor July 2015
Experience is the best teacher John Stein July 2015
Doing the right thing for children in care and support seekers Maurice Fenton July 2015
Building relationships with troubled children: insights from Torey Hayden Michael J Marlowe July 2015
Helicopters or hands off todays parents can't seem to win Jennie Bristow July 2015
The Habit of Abuse John Molloy July 2015
Inequality Poverty Education by Francesca Ashurst and Couze Venn : a review Charles Sharpe July 2015
leading good care the task heart and art of managing social care by John Burton: a review Charles Sharpe July 2015
Comments on Issue 17
EDITORIAL 16 : Relationships in the development of children John Stein Dec 2014
Unity Through Relationship Maurice Fenton Dec 2014
We are family…liberating a care identity and finding my significant others Iain Macleod Dec 2014
Acceptance Cynthia Cross Dec 2014
Borstal Lives:reflections inspired by the novel by Louis Edward Jeremy Millar Dec 2014
The Mulberry Bush School as a therapeutic community bringing love and hate together John Diamond Dec 2014
Some Notes on consultancy in children's homes John Burton Dec 2014
Relationships Mark Smith Dec 2014
Children in care who suffer changes in their placements are deprived of the attachment relationship we all need Lorea Boneke Dec 2014
Recollections of childhood relationships John Stein Dec 2014
Relationships between children young people in the public care and the adults who look after them Evelyn Daniel Dec 2014
A tale from the PRU crossed lines of communication between a young person and a teacher Christina Williamson Dece 2014
The Taboo on Tenderness Ian D. Suttie Dec 2014
Review: Social Care Learning from Practice Charles Sharpe Dec 2014
EDITORIAL 15 An international and national event The Editors June 2014
"Throwing off the cringe" Mark Smith June 2014
Growing up in an orphanage David Divine June 2014
What difference will a yes vote make to Scottish children and a Scottish childhood Calum Strathie June 2014
The Legend pf Saint Kentigerna Alan Macquarrie June 2014
The colonised mind Jeremy Millar June 2014
Care versus treatment reflections on residential child care in Scotland Laura Steckley June 2014
A story of the dux medal life road school lochee dundee Charles Sharpe June 2014
What is better than training? Values in the practice of behaviour management Ni Holmes June 2014
A Lie About My Father John Burnside June 2014
Regulation 33 principles to guide independent scrutiny of children's homes Kevin Ball June 2014
Ireland's new child and family agency or is it? Noel Howard June 2104
The enigma of staff relationships Cynthia Cross June 2014
Parents relationships and residential treatment John Stein June 2014
Life writing and leadership in residential child care Adrian Ward June 2014
Leadership in Residential Care by Adrian Ward: a review Charles Sharpe June 2014
Child's play Robert Louis Stevenson June 2014
A Dominie Loses His Bairns A S Neill June 2014
Editorial 14 : "There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children." Nelson Mandela 2007 The Editors Dec 2013
The Trauma of Dislocation and the Transitional Participant Joel Kanter Dec 2013
Winnicott and Residential Work Cynthia Cross Dec 2013
The application of psychodynamic thinking in a residential setting for children Charlotte Witheridge Dec 2013
Not entirely good enough : thoughts on the psychodynamic approach to residential child care Mark Smith Dec 2013
Comment on 'The caring relation in teaching' Jeanne Warren Dec 2013
An Education Worthy of Child and Youth Care Practice Kiaras Gharabaghi Dec 2013
Communicating with Traumatised children Patrick Tomlinson Dec 2013
Foster Respite Care within a Traditional Scottish Hutting Community Sara Jane Kirkwood Dec 2013
Living at the Club Robert Royston Dec 2013
Understanding child development and child observation in social work practice John Fallowfield Dec 2013
Regulation 33 : Quality assuring practice in children's homes Kevin Ball Dec 2013
How do we Understand and Work with Organisational Re-Enactment of Children and Young Adults Traumatised Backgrounds? Luci Ashbourne Dec 2013
Compliance and abuse in care homes John Burton Dec 2013
Richard T. Cass Social Worker : What I Learned from Him John Stein Dec 2013
Acceptance is not a passive thing : a consideration of some aspects of Clare Winnicott’s influence on residential child care Charles Sharpe Dec 2013
The girl from the workhouse Charles Dickens Dec 2013
EDITORIAL 13 : I'm not like everybody else The Editors June 2013
Candles and Care: some photographic reflections on a study visit to Denmark by Scottish care leavers Juliean Arthur Alex Horne Alastair Jamieson Murray Mckinnon & Jeremy Millar June 2013
Not Just a Job John Burton June 2013
Care Leavers and the Criminal Justice System : a sorry state of affairs… Darren Coyne June 2013
Then and Now John Stein June 2013
The Influence of Chance and Luck in childhood Roger Lewis June 2013
Such Such Were The Joys George Orwell June 2013
Providing a nurturing environment for young people in a residential child care setting. Jane Dalgleish June 2013
Helping children experiencing SEBD to understand and manage their own feelings and behaviour : the experiences of the headteacher of a day school for such children Joan Pritchard June 2013
Context in Therapeutic Work with Young People Werner van der Westhuizen June 2013
Beyond the mainstream – what difference have we made? Moira Devlin June 2013
Residential child care in practice Making a difference : a review Charles Sharpe June 2013
EDITORIAL 12 : No policy – no procedure ever loved a child The Editors Dec 2012
Confessions of a Keyworker- Feelings Fears Frustration and the Future Tracey Jarvis Dec 2012
Access all areas – a developmental perspective Janet Rich Dec 2012
Moral Panics Mark Smith Dec 2012
Can we ever get the balance right? Cynthia Cross Dec 2012
The Casual Cruelty of Positive Intent Michael Mallows Dec 2012
The Experiences of Young People Leaving Residential Childcare Institutions in Bangladesh Tuhinul Islam Dec 2012
Jim : the Importance of Peers John Stein Dec 2012
The difficulties of meeting the ethnic and cultural needs of children and young people whose background you do not share. Mary Winters Dec 2012
The Cotswold Community's Obituary John Whitwell Dec 2012
The Boy at the Gate : a review of the memoirs of Danny Ellis Noel Howard Dec 2012
EDITORIAL 11 : residential child care Mark Smith 15 June 2012
The Emotional Journey of a Keyworker Keychild Relationship – A Therapeutic Case Study Claire Cooper 15 June 2012
Shift Recording in Residential Child Care Mark Hardy 15 June 2012
Some tentative thoughts on the concept of planned environment therapy John Cross 15 June 2012
In defiance of compliance John Burton 15 June 2012
Residential child care:a view from inside the service Evelyn Daniel 15 June 2012
A Case Study of the ‘high impact’ child at the Mulberry Bush School Kevin Ellis 15 June 2012
Managing the milieu : the power of residential treatment John Stein 15 June 2012
The reasons for placing children in residential child care in Tajikistan Shamsiya Ashurmamadova 15 June 2012
Budgeting and finance in children’s homes John Burton 15 June 2012
Residential Life with Children Revisited : conclusion Jeremy Millar 14 June 2012
EDITORIAL 10 : Leaving father out in the cold THE EDITORS 15 Dec 2011
Dad's the Word Mark Smith 15 Dec 2011
Child Observation : the relationship a four and half years old boy has with his male carer in a nursery school setting Moira Strachan 15 Dec 2011
My Father My Fiction Joyce Carol Oates 15 Dec 2011
How nurture groups help children in schools Marion Bennathan 15 Dec 2011
My Father Jan Noble 15 Dec 2011
A Child Observation Assignment Marie Tree 15 Dec 2011
From My Dad John Stein 15 Dec 2011
Residential Child Care in the 1960s and now : some comparisons Cynthia Cross 15 Dec 2011
Being a Christian Father Alex Russon 15 Dec 2011
The Kerelaw Papers (The Final Act) Bob Forrest 15 Dec 2011
Let's Sing Pat Petrie 15 Dec 2011
800 Voices – the heartache and the healing Noel Howard 15 Dec 2011
Residential Life with Children Revisited : Essay Review Part 1 Jeremy Millar 15 Dec 2011
Looking back at Richard Webster's book “The Secret of Bryn Estyn – the making of a Modern Witch Hunt" John Molloy 15 Dec 2011
EDITORIAL 9: It's not the despair it's the hope THE EDITORS 14 Jun 2011
Growing up : adolescence a unique experience for parent and child Lorea Boneke 12 Jun 2011
Some notes about theory and practice in work with children in residential child care Hans Kornerup 4 Jun 2011
Reflections on my learning and development over the duration of a social work post qualifying programme Marie Tree 12 Jun 2011
Liberal utilitarian or progressive: ideas on what makes up a good education Jennie Thomas 14 Jun 2011
The impact of repeated family and care placement breakdowns on the development of a child: a psychodynamic perspective Kate Lawrence 12 Jun 2011
The Kerelaw Papers Bob Forrest 11 Jun 2011
Developing Reflective Training in the Child Care Sector : A Case Study Dave Roberts 04 Jun 2011
Things I learned from me Mum John Stein 04 Jun 2011
Facebook Friend or Facebook foe? Simon P Hammond 22 May 2011
Providing a facilitating environment for creative play and autonomy in young children and parents attachment-based : insights from the playgroup movement Linnet McMahon 02 Jun 2011
The Relevance of Social Pedagogy in Working with Young People in Residential Child Care Gabriel Eichsteller and Viki Bird 04 Jun 2011
EDITORIAL 8 Getting real : part people with part lives or whole people with whole lives ? THE EDITORS 14 Dec 2010
Running Thoughts : film making with the Vault Project Alexander Nicolaou 14 Dec 2010
Council of Europe 'one in five' campaign to prevent child sexual violence in Europe Kevin Lalor and Rosaleen McElvaney 14 Dec 2010
On being a social worker Hilary Mantel 11 Dec 2010
An interview with John Cross John Cross 14 Dec 2010
Generosity Learning and Residential Child Care Max Smart 11 Dec 2010
Residential Care Do We Still Need It? John Stein 14 Dec 2010
Being a Residential Child Care Worker in England Harald Stoelting 13 Dec 2010
The damaging effects of poor communication in child care. Sheila Wilson 14 Dec 2010
Transference and Counter-transference : their therapeutic value in residential work with young people. Ariola Vishnja Zjarri 13 Dec 2010
Children who need a therapeutic residential experience Cynthia Cross 11 Dec 2010
Book Review : 'Founded on Fear' by Peter Tyrell Noel Howard 11 Dec 2010
Two book Reviews : Kathy's Real Story by Hermann Kelly and The Secret of Bryn Estyn by Richard Webster Mark Smith 11 Dec 2010
EDITORIAL 7 : How can a poor man stand such times and live? THE EDITORS 14 Jun 2010
An interview with Leon Fulcher and Thom Garfat Leon Fulcher and Thom Garfat 14 Jun 2010
Jesus of Suburbia Tiff Dawkins 14 Jun 2010
The History of Concepts concerning Child Care David Lane 14 Jun 2010
Who am I? An account of my childhood and teenage years in the 1930s and 1940s and my discovery at the age of 63 that I was an adopted child Ted Woolvett 14 Jun 2010
Greendale : the running and working of children's homes John Burton 13 Jun 2010
Saying I Love You in Child and Youth Care Jillian Viens 09 Jun 2010
Consequences John Stein 08 Jun 2010
The Little Girl Who Was Lost Inside Her Armour Kay Cook 14 Jun 2010
A personal reflection on the state of social care for children and young people in Ireland John Molloy 08 Jun 2010
Being a keyworker in residential child care Jane Kenny 13 Jun 2010
Sitting with Jason Thom Garfat 09 Jun 2010
EDITORIAL 6 : There's a lot to learn for wastin' time THE EDITORS 13 Dec 2009
A Sense of Being Home Bob Mann 13 Dec 2009
An interview with Jonathan Stanley: The Manager of the National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care Jonathan Stanley 13 Dec 2009
It's the New Thing! Jeremy Millar 14 Dec 2009
The Art of Effective Communication: A Pilot Course in Video Enhanced Reflective Practice for Staff in a Residential Setting for Young People. Calum Strathie 12 Dec 2009
Transference Projection Attachment and Loss : Emotional Containment in Residential Child Care Dominic McNally 13 Dec 2009
Therapeutic Containment and Physical Restraint in Residential Child Care Laura Steckley 12 Dec 2009
Dilemmas Cynthia Cross 12 Dec 2009
The Educational Attainment of Looked After Children in England : Are Personal Educational Plans Improving Their Educational Prospects Donna Hugh 13 Dec 2009
And what about the mental health of children and young people in care in the UK? Nancy Mohindra 13 Dec 2009
Developmental Assets for Kids Dr. Leon Fulcher 26 Dec 2009
Becoming a learning mentor : a personal journey Claudette Brown 15 Jun 2009
Helping a young person living in residential care to return to mainstream school. Athlene Derry 15 Jun 2009
Clare and Donald Winnicott: Play Holding and the Transitional Participant Joel Kanter 15 Jun 2009
The resilience of children in care : the influence of adult attachment figures Lorea Boneke 15 Jun 2009
Attachment theory and social work with 'looked after' children and their families John Fallowfield 15 Jun 2009
Updating Life Story Work for use with a technologically proficient generation: a review Simon Hammond 15 Jun 2009
The Growth of Love : Five Essential Elements of Child Development Dr. Keith J. White 15 Jun 2009
What's In a Name? John Stein 15 Jun 2009
My experience of moving from outreach work with young adults to residential care work with children and young people Douglas Cameron 15 Jun 2009
Film : Attachment to a Camera : a review of Helena Trestikova's film 'Rene' Alison Poltock 15 Jun 2009
Rethinking Residential Child Care : Positive perspectives by Mark Smith : Book Review Charles Sharpe 15 Jun 2009
Resolutions Cynthia Cross 14 Dec 2008
Parents who misuse drugs or drug users who have children? Calum Strathie 14 Dec 2008
Summerhill School Zoe Readhead 14 Dec 2008
Care is therapy John Burton 14 Dec 2008
A Penny for Your Thoughts Jen: Surviving and Thriving in Residential Care Homes Simon P Hammond 22 May 2007
On becoming and being a foster carer Shanna Marrinan 22 May 2007
Keynote conference presentation : Loving or Fearful Relationships Mark Smith 14 Dec 2008
Conference presentation: Lost in Translation- Who should look after children in the care system? Jeremy Millar 14 Dec 2008
Conference presentation : Troubled young people : how can we love them ? Siobain Degregorio 14 Dec 2008
Conference presentation : What is this thing called love ? caring for other people's children. Charles Sharpe 14 Dec 2008
Conference presentation : The place of love in recent developments in the care and education of troubled children : a view from a practitioner Evelyn Daniel 16 Jan 2009
Themes from the group discussions at the goodenoughcaring conference – Love Is Enough : sincerity and professionalism in the care of children and young people Jane Kenny and Ariola Vishnja 18 Jan 2009
EDITORIAL 3: Love is enough THE EDITORS 25 Jun 2008
Loving or fearful relationships Mark Smith 01 Jun 2008
Normalisation or Systemalisation? How children looked after in children's homes are depersonalised by the processes and procedures of a public child care system. Jane Kenny 21 Jun 2008
Lost in Translation Jeremy Millar 01 Jun 2008
Steven K Jan Noble 23 Jun 2008
Disrupted relationships: a personal view of the causes of placement breakdown for children and young people in care. Douglas Cameron 22 Jun 2008
By Nurture Not Enforcement Martin Wigg 01 Jun 2008
Cultivating the Good Heart: integrating an ethic of mutual care into the development of an Indian school community. Jo Nash 01 Jun 2008
One night out in Dublin Jan Noble 25 Jun 2008
1966 and All That Bob Billingham 24 Jun 2008
Memoirs of a Training School Lad David Murphy 22 Jun 2008
Difference and Diversity: Meeting Dietary Needs in Children's Homes Patson Musumali 25 Jun 2008
The man who turned into his father Jan Noble 23 Jun 2008
EDITORIAL 2: What is the nature of a relationship between people The EDITORS 19 Dec 2007
Crazy Mixed Up Kid: the Daughter's Story Chloe Smith 19 Dec 2007
Working to make sure professional procedures do not lead to the institutionalisation of children living in children's homes Jane Kenny 14 Dec 2007
Pie Mash and Liquor Jan Noble 15 Dec 2007
Toward Posterity Jan Noble 15 Dec 2007
How the Impact of Multiple Changes and Breakdowns in the Lives of Children and Young People in Care Affects Them and Their Relationships with Professional Carers Nancy Mohindra 19 Dec 2007
Quantitative Research and Residential Child Care : an Unfruitful Marriage Ariola Vishnja 13 Dec 2007
The Right to be Normal: how my childhood experience has influenced my thinking about my work as a teaching assistant Amanda Towers 13 Dec 2007
Working with Young People Who Have Been Sexually Abused in Childhood : a Case Study Lorea Boneke 25 May 2007
The importance of play in the care of children and young people : reflections on a short case study. Dominic McNally 22 May 2007
Tackling anti-social behaviour – 'toughness' versus effectiveness Dorothy Thornhill 22 May 2007
The impact of culture and difference on my practice as an outreach worker supporting young adults who are preparing to leave the care system. John Fallowfield 22 May 2007
Good Enough Caring: using a psychodynamic approach to the care of children and young people in the care system. Charles Sharpe Siobain Degregorio & Evelyn Daniel 22 May 2007
Being a parent: some thoughts on learning from your children. Jennie Thomas 22 May 2007
The concept of the therapeutic holding environment and how it has been implemented in the residential home for young people in which I work. Ariola Vishnja 22 May 2007


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