Comments on Issue 17


“Another impressive array of articles, thank you. I always look forward to each issue.” Graham Cox, (21.7.15).

“Thank you for this link to the goodenoughcaring Journal, which I have just been reading. You have an impressive collection of sensitive and thoughtful contributors and very good quality content.” Roland Woodward, (21.7.15)

“It’s always good to hear from people who care about children and young people.” Pat Petrie, (16.7.15)

“I like reading the goodenoughcaring Journal” Sally Milne, (15.7.15).

“It is interesting what you are doing – a lot of work to keep the website going, I guess.  But it is very valuable if you can get this read and circulated amongst the residential workers.” Bob Hinshelwood, (10.7.15)

“I am always interested in the goodenoughcaring Journal” William Brindle, (9.7.15).

“I always enjoy reading the pieces in the goodenoughcaring Journal” John Fallowfield, (1.7.15).

“Congratulations on another excellent journal edition.” Maurice Fenton, (1.7.15)

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