By the Editors

Date Posted: Friday, 25 May 2007



For children, young people and for the parents and other adults who care for them it seems we live in difficult times. Mothers watch on after encouraging  their three years old children to fight each other ; the video of a twelve years old boy as he ‘executes’ an adult in the name of  religion  is filmed and broadcast world wide on the internet ;  teenagers violently rampage underground trains robbing other passengers of their belongings and young children are abducted from their bedrooms while asleep.
The members of the editorial group of The goodenoughcaring Journal abhor these and all the other distressing events which are daily reported which show us just how vulnerable children are.
All these events and their propensity to take our focus away from a consideration of what is entailed in giving a child a ‘good enough’ experience of childhood  – something which in our view most youngsters experience  – lead us to think  that now is an important time to establish an on-line journal which looks at the way children grow up, how they are nurtured and reared and how they can be helped when they encounter problems. Accordingly the Journal is about childhood, yet  – equally significantly – it is about the part adults play in the lives of children.
Our hope is that readers of the journal will join us in discussion and debate about  childhood and about how adults and contemporary culture impact upon it.

Our first issue carries the kind of variety of viewpoints on the aspects of childhood and the bringing up children which we intend will reflect the eclectic tone of  the goodenoughcaring  Journal.

Jennie Thomas , a mother of two young boys considers how her sons help her learn about being a parent.

Dorothy Thornhill , the elected Mayor of Watford  examines the political problems of dealing with disaffected youngsters in the community.

Dominic McNally  , a residential child care worker illustrates the fundamental importance of play for all children, young people and adults

Ariola Vishjna , the manager of a residential home for young adults discusses the issues arising in providing an emotionally holding environment for young people in residential care.

John Fallowfield , a youth worker explores the influence of  diversity and culture in outreach work with young people preparing to leave public care.

Evelyn Daniel, Siobain Degregorio and Charles Sharpe   re-open the debate about the potential of  basing child care work on psychodynamic principles.

Lorea Boneke , a senior residential child care worker  tells the story of a young man who was sexually abused as a child and thinks about how best to offer support to victims of abuse.

We hope there is much here to make the reader think, reflect and react. We welcome and  look forward to your response.

The Editorial Group.

Jean Pettit, Siobain Degregorio, Evelyn Daniel and Charles Sharpe.  May/June 2007




10 Jul 2007,    Mike Arthurs writes
I am pleased that I have found the goodenoughcaring Journal and the site. It will be a helpful resource for anyone who is training in the child care field. It is refreshing to see articles written by people who remain involved in a real and practical way in the upbringing of children and young people. I hope you are able to maintain this