Issue 17 Part 2 Editorial : sensitive, thoughtful and reflective

We are lucky to have such a fine array of articles in this issue, not only the superb series of articles from the Mulberry Bush but also in this second part of Issue 17 of the goodenoughcaring Journal this  collection of fine articles from people who are thoughtful, reflective and sensitive about thinking and caring for others. Siobain Degregorio writes about her student placement at the Mulberry Bush School while she trained to a counsellor, Bethlehem Taylor gives a his powerful memoir of a childhood spent in in the East End of London just after the World War II,  John Stein offers one of his fines pieces when he concludes that experience is the best teacher, Maurice Fenton whose book Social Care and Child Welfare in Ireland will  be published  in September stresses the importance of doing right by children, Michael J. Marlowe introduces us to the ideas of Torey Hayden, Jennie Bristow considers the plight of parents these days, John Molloy develops his thoughts on  the painful past of child care in Ireland and Charles Sharpe reviews John Burton’s new book leading good care and Francesca Ashurst’s and Couze Venn’s book Inequality, Poverty, Education.

We hope you will feel enriched by these sensitive, thoughtful and reflective pieces.

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