One night out in Dublin

By Jan Noble

Date Posted: Date Posted: Wednesday, 25 June 2008


One night out in Dublin

On 27th March 1953 one Rose O’Conner gave birth to twins
David and Sean, in St. Steven’s hospital, at a little after midnight

as their father one Michael O’Conner was having
more than just a little after midnight himself.

It was said that if a man washed his hands in the river Liffey
and confessed his wrong doing, he would be forgiven

if his confession was deemed sincere; if it was not however
everything he touched would be blighted.

Judge for yourselves then, whether it was for the better
for the good of his family, that Michael O’Conner couldn’t swim

and after kneeling at the bank, with his hands in the water
he lost his balance, slipped and fell in