Pie, Mash and Liquor

By Jan Noble

Date Posted: Saturday, 15 December 2007



The poet, Jan Noble studied Fine Art at Canterbury, but spoken, sung and printed words became his principal fascination. He has published a number of ‘chapbooks’ and released a series of ‘spoken word’ CDs. He has given performances across Europe and he has held poetry workshops in a range of venues including schools, psychiatric wards and prisons. Jan is currently writer in residence at Core Arts, the Hackney based charity which promotes events for users of the mental health services. He has recently edited a collection of their work ‘ Not Your Average Type’. More examples of his work can be found at www.myspace.com/jannoble Jan can be contacted at jjwnoble@yahoo.co.uk


Pie and Mash and Liquor

I am the oldest 14 year old in my year
and a proper little madam I am with it.
Well I have to be see
got my reputation to live down.
it says in the bogs
well did ’til I went over it
with my Tippex in a free.
Still, I know who it is loves me.
Nobody loves me, that’s who, nobody.
-Except daddy
and he adores his daughter
his precious pearl, his choicest oyster.

If only you knew you old whale you
what a wicked little fish I really was.

But then that’s not the family’s business
the family’s too busy with its own business
to busy itself with any of mine
(which is why in later life
I came to blame them
for the situation I found myself in;
that of minding the family business).

And I do mind.
I mind a great deal.
You see I can’t stand the sight of them.

Eels that is.
Eels are the family’s business.
Steamed, boiled, baked, smoked, jellied.
I can’t stand them.
Eels and my husband.
Look at him
all blubber and boots
just like daddy
another drip
another drip in the ocean

if only he knew
what a wicked little fish
what a wicked little fish I really was.