Unity through Relationship Annual Conference : Call for Papers

9th and 10th November 2015 Regency Airport Hotel Dublin

Maurice Fenton of  Empower Ireland has written to us  to announce that Drs Jim Anglin and Thom Garfat are keynoting the 2015 ‘Unity through Relationship’ annual conference. This conference is an inclusive international event seeking to build on the connections and relationships made in previous years by bringing together representatives of all sectors involved in the provision of services to children, youth and families. These include (not an exhaustive list): front-line practitioners, educators, researchers, managers, clinicians, carers and students.

Conference theme – ‘Congruent Care through Dialogue in Praxis’.

As Paulo Freire has pointed out dialogue is the essence of a coherent and comprehensive process of sharing; values, knowledge, advice and support. In this sense, ‘dialogue’ represents ‘action’, rather than discussion without purpose as it encompasses research, theory, practice and politics.

To have effective, consistent and congruent practice in child, youth and family services it is clear that ‘dialogue’ is essential, and that this dialogue must permeate the everyday lives of those involved. Dialogue must exist within and between carers; those being cared for; child protection practitioners; educators; managers; clinicians; researchers and all those wishing to take up the mantel.

The objectives of this 2 day conference are (within a relational framework):

  • to provide a forum to highlight thinking and share the views and practice experiences of all who recognise this ‘imperative’
  • to go some way to meeting the need for the realisation of processes which permit the translation of theory and research into practice, and
  • to share progressive and contemporary knowledge.

The importance of ‘action’ is fully recognised when discussing the development of a fully integrated and relationally-based system of care. But if we are to exist within a system of effective, congruent and values-based care practices there needs to be space for ‘discussion and dissemination’, as only dialogue in praxis can ensure the promotion of the core values of; respect, equity, participation, partnership, empowerment and social justice. 

Empower Ireland is at this time sending out a call for papers and seeks applications to contribute to the conference. If you have an idea you would like to propose or want some help with the application process, Empower Ireland  will be happy to provide support.

This conference will be innovative, programmatic, participative, comparative, critical and empowering


Completed application forms to be submitted before 27th June 2015 to: info@empowerireland.com

Forms for proposals for papers can be found at   http://www.unitythroughrelationship.com