Charles Sharpe’s Writings

The listening, reading and watching list, the articles,papers and training exercises published here are some of my writings. They have been written or devised over a period of many years for the training and development of people whose work involves the care, the nurture and the education of children and young people. Accordingly they are not engraved in stone and exploiting one of the advantages of online publication, I update articles when experience or new information influences my views. Where texts have been changed a date note is made at the end of the article.

Although my writings concern the development and parenting of all children and young people there is in them more emphasis on the care of children and young people whose childhoods have been disrupted. I offer them here with the hope that they will be helpful for anyone who has a responsibility, in whatever role, to bring up children. I welcome critical comments on any of these pieces. With my best wishes to you, Charles Sharpe.


Article Date
The Inner World of the Child May 2020
The nature of a residential child carer Aug 2016
Some Aspects of Play and its Significance Jan 2016
From coal face to Facebook using new social media and technology to record remember and share child care experience Jun 2015
Some Thoughts on Isabel Menzies (later Menzies Lyth) and her Work Oct 2012
Love and achievement in foster care a story from the1930s Jan 2013
Attachment theory the good enough mother womanhood and the social care of children and young people : brief disparate and critical reflections 6-Feb-2012
Therapeutic child care : psychodynamic aspects of residential child care 6-Jan-2007
The therapeutic nature of boundaries in residential child care 10-Oct-2008
Residential Child Care Can Do With All The Help It Can Get 22-Dec-2007
What is Psychotherapy? A brief introduction for those involved in the residential care and support of children and young people Apr 2011
Where did we go right? Positive aspects of residential child care Apr 2010
Love and hate in good enough residential child care 28-Jan-2010
Taking time for reflection in residential child care 17-Nov-2009
Young people who self- harm : some theoretical and practical considerations for care workers when helping young people who harm themselves 6-Sep-2010
Attachment Theory : how children are able to make relationships 27-Feb-2009
ejjercayshun my thots by charles sharpe aged 62 26-Oct-2009
Fritz Redl and the Life Space Interview 14-Oct-2009
The Therapeutic Nature of Boundaries in Residential Child Care 20-Aug-2009
We can all be therapeutic if we care to be : being therapeutic in the group living setting of a children's home 21-May-2009
Residential child care workers should be trained to make relationships rather than be trained to cover their backs 1-Sep-2008
Anyone Can Make a Relationship? 1-Jul-2008
Building Relationships in Life Space Work with Children and Young People : a training exercise 15-Dec-2007
Humanist Therapeutic Theory and Its Influence on Life Space Work 28-Dec-2008
The Inner World of the child 5-Jan-2007
The use of instruction and guidance in the relationship between the life space worker and children and young people a training-exercise 15-Dec-2007
Theoretical approaches in residential child care : the milieu as therapy 31-Aug-2008
Aspects of Social Learning Theory which Can Inform the Care of Children and Young People 6-Nov-2008
Why we are creative and why we need to play : ideas from psychoanalysis 16-Dec-2008
The Role of the Keyworker in a Children's Home 9-Oct-2008
The Marginalisation of Child Protection : the importance of keeping the protection and respect for our children at the core of our relationhips in care education and health settings 26-May-2008
Some report writing guidelines for residential child care workers and others who look after and support children and young people 18-Jan-2008
What makes a good children's home? 22-Dec-2007
Residential Child Care Can Do With All The Help It Can Get 22-Dec-2007
In Care in Therapy ? A consideration of the usefulness of psychoanalytic theory for the care of young people living in children's homes 9-Jul-2007
Recommended Reading Listening and Watching List 22-Jun-2007
Bruce's Story : learning from my mistakes and my discovery of transference 9-Jun-2007
Life in a Children's Home : the Group as Therapy 20-Apr-2007
Leading a Shift : Life in a Children's Home 2-Feb-2007
Therapeutic child care : psychodynamic aspects of residential child care 27-Jan-2007