You can hear that whistle blowin’ from the west down to the east

It’s on its way. The goodenoughcaring special (aka goodenoughcaring Journal 18) is approaching your station, and  if you look  up the rail track you can just about see her coming round the bend you can  just begin to the see the passengers and their paraphernalia.

Part of the way : New Orleans to ChicagoElaine Arnold writes about separation, loss, attachment and reunion issues, Denise Carroll and Mark Smith consider recent research about residential care workers and mental health professionals working together, as ever Cynthia Cross talks sense, this time about adult defensiveness ,   Alex Russon reflects on his volunteer work with David, a man with  addictions problems and suggests the childhood events which may have led to them, Maurice Fenton writes about the feelings stirred while writing his new book, John Stein challenges us to think again about the positives of points systems,  Justin Frost reviews Ken Loach’s classic 1971 film Family Life, Patrick Tomlinson reflects on aspects of empathy, John Whitwell answers the question,”Why a therapeutic community?”, Nigel Wilson ponders upon the statement of purpose of children’s home and Charles Sharpe reviews Maurice Fenton’s new  book Social Care and Child Welfare in Ireland .   Of course we  may still pick up a few freight hoppers on the way.

See you at the station, high noon December 15th, 2016. Any day now any way now , we shall be released.